Another short weekend...

Lazy day compared to most. Home late last night after dinner with old friends, up late this morning after a short night's sleep.

Got the reader draft of the new story in place. Calling it "Devotion." Think it's got some legs, but won't turn it loose on the world until it's cooled down and had another edit or two.

Read a little this afternoon, then went off to the lumber yard and hardware store. Could have gone to the gym, but had no ambition. Will start in again tomorrow after a better rest.

Pretty day. Had hoped to go fishing, but there again didn't quite manage. Trees have been holding their leaves (mostly), and the skies have been blue with a few high, scudding clouds. Supposed to snow later in the week. Hope that's just a rumor.

Visit from young J today. Good for some laughs, that's for sure.