Goodnight, Irene...

Not sure this one ever got off the ground. Woke up late, started slow, and except for a decent draft of a new Philharmonic letter, barely got it into second gear.

Cool today. Sunny, too, but a long way from shirt sleeves.

Made it to the gym late, and didn't stay long owing to some late day obligations.

Spent the early part of the evening on the phone with AT&T, trying to find out what happened to my longtime email account. Never mind the specifics. They make the head spin. Suffice it to say is no longer with us. Not for any practical intent.

Did I mention I hate technology? And a lot of other things?

Screw it. Like the man said...

"Sometimes I live in the country/sometimes I live in the town/sometimes I get a great notion/to jump in the river and drown"