Flower children...

Weather bureau guy called for overcast skies and rain all week, but woke to blue skies that stayed blue. A rabble of butterflies flitted around in the rose bushes most of the day. Most I've ever seen in a single summer. Paper said it was an abundance of flowers, statewide, that brought them in. Whatever. They were a treat to watch.

Put in some revision time on the new story. Think it's going to be good one, providing I can get it right. Didn't have a lot of time to work on it, but enough to feel like I accomplished something. Spent the rest of the day looking after small stuff, making a brief stop at the gym and running errands. Tomorrow, clear sailing. An early morning meeting, and the rest of the day's mine.

Play tomorrow night at the Fine Arts Center. A Sherlock Holmes joint. Can't recall the title, but hear it's supposed to be good. Beat. Calling it quits for the evening.