Working the days the best I know how...

Up late last night after seeing "Baskerville" at the Fine Arts Center. Up late this morning, too, after a hard night's sleep. Put in a couple of hours at the keyboard working the new story. It's getting closer to the shape I want it to be. Have good feelings about it.

Nice fall day with clear blue skies. Spent the afternoon siding the new shed. The cedar shingles look nice. Didn't quiet finish, but it's an involved job and it's far enough along it shouldn't take more than another day to button things up. Looking forward to having it in the rearview.

Gonna relax tonight and try and get up early, and out the door to do a little fishing. Weather folks are calling for snow on Monday, so the the easy days on the water are going to get more rare. Need to take advantage of them while they're still here.