In and out all day. Fitting, the door should arrive. Eric the Reluctant spent most of the morning and early afternoon installing. Looks beautiful. Feels beautiful. Worth the wait, certainly, though the wait was long and frustrating.

Put in time at the keyboard early on. Revisions, a bit composition, some strategic looking ahead. Started a new story, got to a happy quitting place and abandoned it for a bit of box moving and trash removal. After, went to the gym and hit the heavy bag for a while. Felt good to let go.

Feels like the divestiture process is working. Not as much paper around (under, in between things) as there has been for a while. Thanks to a steadily diminishing memory, don't miss any of it! Saying this, I now expect a letter from the IRS demanding a full audit of the last seven years.

Snow tomorrow. Seventy-seven yesterday, probably warmer today, and now a little bit of winter again. We'll see it if happens. Ham steak and broccoli on the grill. Time to put down the pen and pick up the flatware.