Should have gone to church...

Feline incursion. Kitties have expropriated the writing chair, leaving me the choice of ottoman or floor. I opted for the former. 

Woke to snow this morning after a gloomy sleep. An overcast sky didn't to much in the way improving the day's complexion. Tried to make some headway with new material, but can't be certain I got anywhere. No biggie, except I spent a lot of time doing it. Eric was supposed to come back and finish his carpentry work, but proved no-show, thus living up to his modest sobriquet "The Reluctant."

Been feeling a bit down, but realized I've been out of Cinthroid for two days. That'll do it. Got out of the house long enough to pick up my prescription, but can't take it until tomorrow morning. Fighting a cold, too. Snorting zinc now, along with everything else. Sunshine and lollipops it ain't.

Grammy's tonight! A delightful plunge into the pool of bad taste!