On track(s)...

Just past 6:30. Waiting for a dude to come and relieve me of the two tall bookcases I bought off Borders when they closed their here a few years back. No room for them in the new build out. Thought sure someone would snap them up in a hurry, but it turns out no one owns books anymore. This guy's eyed them for "shelves" of some sort.

Took a small field trip today. Trolley Museum. The restoration folk there work at the pace of the Crazy Horse Monument crew, but have to say joint's improved since my last visit. Many a new railroad diorama now. Not on the scale of the one in Golden, but pretty sweet for a small, hugely underfunded operation like theirs. Saw some neat stuff. Old trains. Cable cars. Vintage uniforms.

Made some good progress on a new draft. Mss in and out the door today. New commercial gig, too. Script doctoring, if I want it. Gotta read through the treatment in the next couple of days, see what it needs. More to the point, whether I can actually help it. Wish I hadn't let my subscription to Final Draft lapse--might have made the whole thing easier.

Sunny today, but cold. Wind took all the fun out of it. Supposed to be nicer tomorrow. Eric due back to put the molding on the door jamb. Vern the Bricklayer next week. New desks came in today, but mis-delivered to the old office. Should arrive here tomorrow, as scheduled. Fingers crossed there isn't another mix-up.