Arrivals, Acceptances & More...

Pikeville Review picked up "Eternity, Revisited." Got the notice this afternoon. Happy to see it find a home.

Desks arrived this afternoon, too. Took a bit of assembly, but they look terrific. Need a plumber's wrench to fit the pipe threads properly, but will pick one up tomorrow. Moved the mostly-assembled piece into the cottage to see how they fit, and was pleased with the result. Should work well. Getting closer to a finished office every day, but still have some nagging doubts about the completion of the brick wall. Hope to see it in next week. Pray to see it in next week.

Nice day, though with all the comings, goings, drop-offs and deliveries, didn't get to see much of it. Be nice to see the good weather stick around for a while. Maybe we'll get lucky this year.