Dialing in on things...

Coming up on the end of March tomorrow. Hardly believe it. Then again, equally hard to believe we've come to the end of another week.

Got out to the office early and got in some good work on the keyboard. Making nice progress on the new story, which is coming in a little under 7,000 words. First half feels pretty together, second half needs work. We'll see how it comes along.

Sun came out somewhere along the way. Felt nice. Hear we're looking at rain or snow this weekend. Lower temps either way. 

Lunch at the Vietnamese place. What's it called? Haven't been out to sniff the sidewalk in a coon's age. Felt halfway human again. Made the P.O. later, and the gym, but had no energy--I mean none at all--and eventually called it quits.

Turned the corner on T.C. Boyle's The Terranauts, and am coming into the home stretch. Only a hundred pages or so left. Good story. Really good.