Snow, and more...

Weatherman says we're looking at snow tonight. Been saying it all week, and the most we've seen is a gentle mist. Been cool and overcast all day, but we'll have to see what the evening brings.

Got it a good morning of edits and rewrites. Managed to read three new stories for N as well. Spent the afternoon looking after little things, then killing time at the gym. Been doing some good work on the heavy bag lately. Combinations coming together with authority.

Keep looking for more production out of myself, but man, it's just not there. Not to complain. I can look back every day and see I've done something, but I'd like to find a higher gear. Tough to find a balance between the physical and the intellectual is all. Work too hard at one, you get tired. Work too hard at the other, you get tired.

Nearing the end of the Boyle book. Can't see the finish, though three different scenarios seem possible. Will just have to wait and see.

Been thinking about my dad. Next month, the 20th, is the anniversary of his death. Still hard to believe.