White noise...

Looked out the window this morning expecting the three to four inches the weatherman promised, and was greeted instead by a light frost. Things changed a little later when I went off to the cottage to write, and within an hour we were staring at a pretty good snowfall. Big, wet heavy flakes.

Did as much damage as humanly possible to my new draft, then hung it up and went to work on the new N stories. Interesting stuff. Haven't been enjoying the essays as much as the stories, but oddly, most of them are better written. Figure that.

Giant headache at the moment. Came on slow about an hour ago, and settled in good. Up too late last night watching Apocalypse Now. Still have a deep appreciation for that movie, and expect I always will. Coppola gave a nod to Michael Herr in the commentary. Was nice to hear. Seemed like more than a little of Dispatches ended up in that movie.