Waiting on Ms. Bobbie...

Man. Hot and humid today. Got a late start this morning, shanghiad by neighbors while drinking coffee on the front porch. Put in some mid-morning soccer training with young J, then came home and read a bit. So hot, had to take a nap.

Woke up and went out to the cottage to spend some time at the keyboard. Got news mom left Albuquerque late afternoon, and don't expect her until well after eight. So much for the salmon dinner I was supposed to grill.

Happy with the edits I've been able to manage on the new ms. Went back to basics and kept the narrative and plotline straightforward. Temporal problems seem to have disappeared. Need a couple more long passes at the piece, but think it'll come together nicely once I'm finished.

In one of those places. Cabin fever? Anyway, happy to have had a good day writing. That makes up for a multitude of sins.