Mothers, fathers, and Father's Day...

Mom arrived late last night, held up by business in Albuquerque. Picked her up around 10:00 pm., and fed her a late night sandwich before sending her off to bed. She left this morning around 9:00, and will get as far as Casper, I think, before calling it a day. Good seeing my bro, his son and daughter-in-law. Hope they have a great time in the Bighorns.

Picked up my f&g license on the way back from the motel, and spent the day in Elevenmile canyon, fishing. Haven't been skunked in a while, and not sure what it bodes for the rest of the season, but was happy to get in the mountains, on a river, whatever it took. Water was lower than I expected, given the big runoff we've had, but the mountain was green and the wildflowers were in bloom--woods rose, potentilla, current, willow--even ran across a few uneaten wild raspberries.

Spent most of the day on the upper two miles of the river where it's all catch and release. Hardly anyone up that high, so had the place to myself almost all afternoon. Have some pretty salmon fillets in the fridge, so it's best I didn't bring anything home. Looking forward to firing up the grill tonight. Couldn't ask for a nicer Father's Day unless it was to talk to my own father again. Here's thinking of you, Pop.