Funny. Didn't feel like a holiday...

Up early to the kid's parade on Wood Avenue. Lot's of folks showed up this year. Quite the spectacle. Bicycles, wagons, scooters, walkers. Even spectators sitting on their lawns, drinking mimosas. Had a lot of fun with the boys.

Worked on a commercial project when I got home, hoping to get a jump on tomorrow. Still have the critiques for the N stories, which I figure to push out the door tomorrow. Need to take care of some overdue correspondence, too.

Woke up this morning, looked out the window, and decided I need to rent a sod cutter and go to work on the front lawn. Grass looks like hell, and there's no making it better under the current system. Most of it's shade grass left over from the days when we had those great old silver maples, and it's struggling to stay alive even though I've seeded it with full sun fescue twice. I used a sod cutter once. Years ago. I was young and it was awful, and I swore I'd never touch one again. But I can't allow the current tragedy to go on.

Volunteered to babysit this evening. That, too, a decision of questionable judgement. Worn out from a "walking adventure" followed by fuss budgeting, creeching, back sassing and other sundry atrocities. Too tired to fix dinner. Expect to sleep through the fireworks, which should be starting shortly. Signing off.