This just in...

Well, it went by kinda quick, and I'm not sure I accomplished much, but the workday's over and here I am. Minutes away from a chili dog.

Sent off some belated correspondence, finished a paying gig, and took care of the two N reviews I've had in my submission queue for a week. Found my way to the gym, too.

Been tracking the info on the big eclipse coming this August, trying to settle on the best spot to watch it. My granddad's ranch is directly in the path, but it looks like the cabin in the Bighorns is too. An embarrassment of riches as they say.

Thinking about the grass, it looks like maybe the whole lot of it ought to be peeled up and replaced. Can't stand another summer of it looking the way it does. Sounds brave now, but we'll see how that attitude holds up once the work's for real.

On a positive note, "Love Triangle" goes out tomorrow. Hell or high water.