Praying for rain, or even a cloud...


Took a walk early this morning, then came home and sent "Love Triangle" out into the world. Felt good to get something new in the mail. 

Took care of a few small revisions on some commercial work, then spent the rest of the morning looking after little things. Another trip to the Biedleman Center. Big fun. Ladybugs, water skeeters, a stray dog, and a robin whisking worms to her brand new hatchlings from up and down river. Took a few unexpected spills, a nick or two on the shins, but all turned out as it should. Grand time all around.

Hit the gym later in the afternoon. Walked past the lawn like we'd never met, and drove away thinking I can't wait to dig you up! 

Hot today. Hot, hot, hot. Hope to get some sleep tonight.