The come and gone...

Back in Denver today. The Aquarium with young J. Quite a change since the last time I was there, a lot of it good. Some (piped in music, sfx), not so much. Saw some beautiful animals, and had a nice lunch on the patio.

Drafted a new short. Haven't done that in a while. Calling it "Woke!" Think it's got legs, but as always will have to wait for the final draft to find out. Got word over the weekend that "Dancing with the Devil" has made it to the final round with one of its potential suitors. The editor said they'd be in touch in two weeks. We'll see. Been down that road too many times to think anything's a done deal. 

Weather folks are talking snow tonight. Or rain. I think they're leaning toward snow, and it wouldn't surprise me. I was forced to take the scraper to the windshield this morning before going to the gym, so maybe winter isn't finished with us yet. God knows we can use the moisture.

Reading Sam Shepard's Spy of the First Person. Almost finished with it, actually. Quite the piece of work. Glad I picked it up.