The day after...

Up later than usual this morning, feeling a bit under the weather. But put in some long hours at the keyboard just the same. Hope I'm heading in the right direction with a couple of these projects. Sometimes it's hard to tell until you're well into them. Anyway, pounded out some words, put in some research time, and read a little. Went out grocery shopping this afternoon. Came back and cooked up a batch of home-made beef vegetable soup for tonight's dinner. A definite contrast to last night's affair at the Penrose Room with S and K.

Starting to look like spring out there. Still daylight and it's well past six. Grass is beginning to green up, too, thanks to the recent snow. Won't be long before I'm back out with the lawn mower, but for now it's just nice to see the sun and feel the warmth.

Easter tomorrow. So far no word of what the day's supposed to bring other than salvation. Dropped some stuffed animals off for the boys, anonymously, this evening but don't have any plans to get together tomorrow. Might try and get up early to write, then steal away to a movie later on. 

Digging on the Johnson short stories. Big time. Need to find a new novel to climb on soon. Got a couple of ideas but nothing firm. Meanwhile, two new treatments came in from my buddy G. As always, looking forward to reading them. Never a disappointment there.