Smooth, even at the corners...

All right, all right. At last. A nice long uninterrupted day. Progress on all fronts. Even the gym was light a few regulars this morning, translating into a nice quiet workout for a change.

A stiff wind blew in during the afternoon, but the sky stayed blue and the air was warm and everything was okay. Starting the new regimen of pills tomorrow. Should be a good day to test them out.

Been drifting through a lot of pages wondering why I can't find more wrong with them. I know from experience they can't be as passable as my mind is currently making them out to be, but what's the cause of the lazy eye? Am I tired? Distracted? I don't feel like I am.

And what's up the rest of the literary world? Are there no rejections to send out? I must have ten pieces in the mail, some of them months and even years in the works, and haven't heard a word about any of them.

Busy day tomorrow. Best to leave things as they are.