Still here, still punching...

Raucous day. Started early with a trip to the gym, then back home playing tag-team looking after the little guy. Managed some decent writing on a couple of pieces, and while I didn't quite get as far as I wanted, I think I may have a reader draft of a new story tomorrow. Have to wait and see.

Nice morning until the wind kicked up. Not sure what tomorrow's supposed to bring but it'll be Friday, and that in and of itself is the great equalizer.

Boys stayed for dinner tonight. What a zoo. Young J comes back tomorrow morning for an adventure to Canon City. Theres a new dinosaur exhibit he's hot on seeing. Don't know much about it, but figure to learn.

Down to the last story in the Johnson book. Have enjoyed the whole collection so much I feel like starting all over again and I'm not even finished. Still can't believe he's gone. What a writer.