Laid low...

The cold I'm lugging around is a nasty one. Don't remember being this under the weather for a long time--which, of late, adds up to about a week and a half. Developed a cough last night, too. Attractive.  

Nearly got some work done today, but then the cement kid came to lay the slab for the fountain on the side yard and everything started to slip. Boys came over later and put their prints in the finished product. M lent the soles of his feet and young J his hands. Should be set enough by tomorrow to remove the form, install the fountain five or six days after that. All's right with the world! 

Mom to arrive by week's end. Hoped to get a lot done in advance of her coming, but don't feel like it, frankly, and pretty sure my attitude's not going to change by tomorrow.

Putting together a new collection. Got some good pieces to work with, and who knows? Maybe it'll fly.