Cold comfort...

Knocked down a by new cold yesterday. Went straight to the head. By the middle of the night I was wondering if I'd come down with strep. Waited for the fever to come, but happily it never arrived. Had M all day, and young J for a sleepover. Lots of goings on, but all of them good, if exhausting. Wish I'd gotten some sleep in the process--might've helped--but it wasn't in the cards. Downed a couple of Sudafed and still managed to punch out some halfway decent work at the keyboard. At least I think it was decent. A sober read tomorrow morning will tell.

Funny, got a rejection slip early on (only a ten month wait for this one!) for a story that was accepted by another pub about an hour later. "Love Triangle" has now found a home in Descant, a first rate operation and a journal I've long admired. In the midst of the comings and goings, I also knocked off a rough draft of my newest piece of short fiction, a story I'm calling "Astray." Didn't make any headway on the longer piece, but with a head full of goop it didn't seem the day to try. 

Moving further into the C. Alexander translation of the Iliad, and loving it. 

Hope to see a turn in health tomorrow. Mom coming at the end of the week, and don't want to infect her. 

Missing Theatreworks presentation of Amadeus tonight owing to the cold. Bummer. Would love to have seen what they did with it. On the other hand, didn't want to be the clown coughing and sneezing throughout the performance.