Off the ropes and slugging again...

On the mend. Slept through the night and woke half-way clear headed. Still tired, but much improved. Forewent the gym for the--what?--fifth day running, figuring it's best not to tempt fate. Back at it tomorrow, I think.

Did some good revising today. The new story's almost reader-ready. Meanwhile, restocked and rearranged the library bookcase, and the same with the reference bookcase in the cottage. Nice to see all the titles in their right place again.

One N critique out the door, three new pieces coming in. Good to be busy, as always. Good to get back some of the old energy. 

Yard's looking fine, no thanks to me. Everything's blossomed or come out in the past seven days and the place is beginning to feel right again. Green and shady and easy on the eyes.