The Wolfe, Dead at 88...

Took the dare and got out of bed early. Left the house at first light and got over to the gym for an early workout. Managed pretty well considering the layoff. No asthma attacks, and only a small amount of trouble breathing. Worst part was the crowd of people already there. Jesus. Where do they find the commitment?

Tired kind of early, but expected to. Put in as much time at the keyboard as possible, then spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of small stuff. Not the most productive day in the world, but not the least, either. Happy with the quality. That's the important thing.

Can already tell this virus is the kind to come and go. Can't go to sleep on it. Thought maybe I'd turned a corner yesterday--and I had--but I can tell by the way I feel today that it's not ready to let go. Gonna have to find a way to take it easy. Ride those burst of energy at a trot instead of a gallop.

On a more important note, saw that Tom Wolfe died. Major downer. 

Clouds sailed in, low and dark, a while ago. Hail mussed up the trees and flowers a bit, but the yard didn't take any major casualties for a change. Hope that's the last we see of that business for a while.