How extravagant...

Went to bed at a reasonable hour, but kept getting startled out my sleep. Dogs barking. Cats hightailing it through the house, doing god-knows-what. Neighbor to the west shouting obscenities in the middle of the night. Jesus. Wasn't any winning that war. Finally got tired of it and set off for the gym. Not a bad workout, under the circumstances.

Set the long piece aside for a bit of aesthetic distance and concentrated on the new short. Hoped to have a reader's draft and got damned close...but no cigar. Had to give up out of fatigue and finish my critique of the new N story instead. That, and write a mother's day note to my mom. And cut and fertilize my lawns. And run a couple of errands.

Gotta hope to get a good night's sleep tonight. Young M comes early tomorrow, and his brother J stays for a sleepover tomorrow night. Something tells me the weekend's still a long way away.

Skies were overcast most of the day. But still, the weather was nice. A little warm at 61, but nice. Birds are still singing outside my window.