The good life...

Settling in after a long weekend.

Up at 6:15, and off to the cottage and the keyboard. Making progress on the long piece. Near the halfway point.

Haven't been getting much sleep for one reason or another, but hasn't seemed to matter. Up early yesterday and off with J. to Green Mountain Falls for his first fishing expedition. Spectacular time. He caught his first fish--a nine-inch rainbow on a Shakespeare "Thomas the Tank Engine" edition 3- foot rod with closed faced reel--and was so overcome he couldn't speak. Never seen such happiness! Were there for hours, and his concentration held the entire time. Was really proud of him. Really proud.

Joined J. and K. for an early dinner, then off to see Tommy Emmanuel at the Pikes Peak Center. Christ, that guy can play. Went to bed late after prosecco on the back patio. What a day. Couldn't have been more perfect.