Praying for rain...

Back to reality.

Up and working by 5:30. Again made good progress with the long piece. Opened R's place around seven, spent a little time with the boys, then came to look after small stuff. 

The 416 Fire down near Durango is burning out of control. The sky had a red haze to it from the moment the sun rose. Another blaze started this afternoon in Summit County. They're calling it the Buffalo Mountain Fire. Evacuations are already in place. Weather folks are saying rain tomorrow, but I wouldn't bet on it. It's gonna be a long summer if this keeps up.

Brought the door from the Meigh place out of storage yesterday. Moved it to the back patio where it's going to serve as the gate to the yard's west side. Had the ornamental ironworks guys out last summer to work up a bid. It never arrived so we'll have to give it another try. The piece is damned near a hundred years old and still looks beautiful. Must weigh over a hundred pounds.

Slipped off to the gym a little after 1:00 and had a nice quiet workout. Only a couple of other folks there. The heat must be keeping everyone away.