Economies of effort...

Up early after bad dreams. Just as well since it meant an early start at the mss. Another good day, though it feels like tomorrow might be hiding a speed bump or two. We'll see. Trying to stick to a formal page count, though just as willing to abandon it if necessary. Anyway, pleased with the progress and knocking wood it continues.

Had a nice two-hour conversation with Mom yesterday over the phone. Good to catch up. Sounds like she'll be coming for another visit before long, but no definite plans yet.

Guessing I'll head up to Wyoming mid or late July, depending on everyone's schedules. Hope to get in five days if all goes well. Split my time between fishing and writing. Long afternoon naps.

Father's Day was tough this year. Glad I've got the little guys to help put everything in perspective. Guess I need to spend more time in meditation and reflection. Worry less, and adjust expectations. It's all about balance, which I'm sorry to say isn't a strong element in my genetic makeup.