Blues Legend...

Long time since I've gone to a concert and heard the headliner tell someone in the audience to "Shut the f#ck up!" But that's what happened at last night's show when a fan interrupted Buddy Guy while he was waxing nostalgic about his musical beginnings. Weird. Good show, but all the personal asides proved problematic. I think they encouraged the bozos in the audience to act out. That, or maybe I've forgotten how painfully annoying most rock concerts can be. Anyway, enjoyed the music, but could have done without the shenanigans. Glad I can add him to the list of blues greats I've seen live over the years, but it equally glad the evening's over.

Much progress on the ms. today, though I didn't get to the keyboard until after six owing to the concert last night. Pressing to stay on schedule. Want to finish this particular read-through by month's end. Ten days.

Drove over to the gym around 1:30. Managed to get my workout in, but it was a tough go today. Guess I need a re-boot. Been feeling slightly out of sync with almost everything (except the writing) for over a month now, and not sure how to get the timing back.

Beat. Calling it quits for the night.