Apres the Gingerbread Meltdown...

Man. Haven't had mosquito bite in years and now have seven on one arm. 

Long day at the keyboard, but not quite as productive as I might have been. Next door neighbor was power washing his house with a noisy compressor. Took a long time to find the groove. Even so, progress.

Got a brief workout at the gym before wasting the better part of the afternoon driving out to the metalworks shop and attempting to have a coherent conversation with the guy who made the hinges for our other back patio gates. All I can say is, we have the same talk ever summer and it never gets easier. You can't get a straight answer to save your life. Not even to the question, "Do you want the job, or not?" 

Tried to get a little more work out of the way when I got home, but no dice. More interruptions. Guess God's skywriting.

Not sure what the rest of the week is going to bring, but pretty sure it isn't going to be cool weather.