Sometimes you get what you don't ask for...

Look out. Another full week in the nineties with no rain in sight. Grass is already looking a little crisp. Hope it doesn't get whacked too hard in the next ten days.

Up early. Read through yesterday's revisions and made a few more. Slogging ahead. Hoping.

Got a new story kicking around in my head, but need to finish the project at hand before I jump in. Meanwhile, must have ten or eleven pieces in the mail waiting on responses. Summer turnaround is even slower than the rest of the year. Not holding out hope I'll hear from anyone anytime soon.

A first. Was on the home stretch of a visit to the park, young M in the wagon, and thought, Wait a minute, I know that sound. Turned out I was right. Next door neighbor was hard at it in his yard, balling a jackhammer, knocking down some of the artistry the previous owner left behind.

Long hot day. Mostly lost. The last hour with M & J always an exciting. No one's lost an eye--yet--but we came close tonight.