Plodding along...

Up a little after 5:15 this morning. Had to wear a jacket out to the cottage. Went to work hard on the last six pages, saw them multiply, but found the end of the story anyway. Been putting in a lot of time on this piece, and while I know it gets better with each pass, still don't have a solid feel for the effectiveness of the entire arc. Need some time away, I guess. Make another run, and hope I don't get snagged on any one element too long and lose the pacing.

Rained last night, rained this afternoon. Sky still looks brown, but I guess this is the norm for a while. At least things are cooling off. That's something.

Eric back at it today, installing the new electric storage rack. Man, it's a bear. Big progress from yesterday, but still another half day or more from being functional. If he finishes before the weekend, who knows? Might have a whole new secondary project on our hands.