A little of everything...

Worked on outline and synopsis material today. Other odds ands ends. Broke away mid morning to make a long overdue phone call to my buddy, John, back in Wisconsin. Managed to turn the conversation into a three-hour gab session. Lot of fun. Then, came downstairs to find out the bathroom plumbing had taken a turn south.

Hit the gym not long after, then came home and went right back out again to pick up the gate to the side yard at the iron shop. Man, they did a beautiful job with the hardware. Fits perfectly with the old logs and old iron bolts. Looking forward to getting Vern out to set the hinge bolts in the brick. Once it's hung, that ought to be the end of the major yard projects. Except of course for the southwest wall in front. 

Eric gave up on the hydraulic platform project in the garage. Said he'd come back when the electronics had been figured out. Guess we'll spend part of the weekend reading the manual. The other half digging a trench for the front wall footer.

Had pizza with the boys over at their house tonight. Nice little get-together. Gonna call it a day now.