Travelin' man...

Many goings on after an early rise. Put in at the keyboard around 6:15 and got in a good morning's revisions. Took off early afternoon for a drive up to Green Mountain Falls to scout the fishing. Hoped to take young J out tomorrow, but the water didn't look too encouraging. Think I'll hold off for another week or so.

Did some grocery shopping on the way down the mountain, then came home and went to work on the train set. Again, made some nice progress. Still a lot of work ahead, but off to a good start. Happy about that. The more familiar the process becomes, the easier it should be to troubleshoot. Or at least I hope that's the way it'll go.

Great looking day again, weatherwise. More blue skies, more sunshine, more cool temps. Didn't get to the gym, but maybe that's okay. Yesterday's workout left me pretty sore and pretty tired. Guess I'm not as over the crud as I imagined I was.