Au Revoir Glimmer Train...

Cold or whatever it is knocked me down good today. Cough kept me up a good part of the night, and I never did recover. Hope I can shake it this weekend.

Put in a little bit of time revising the long piece this morning, then shifted over to a bit of commercial work. Fun to get back to the ad copy after spending so much time on the literary stuff. Deadline tomorrow, but have a good start on things so I shouldn’t run into any problems as long as the house doesn’t burn down or get savaged by floods.

Piece of good news this afternoon. An old story, “Oceans Apart” resurfaced in an acceptance slip from the editors of Mosaic Art & Literary Journal out of the University of California, Riverside. It’s supposed to appear in their next issue. First of the new year, and a nice way to start it off.

On the sad side of things, Glimmer Train’s shutting down after thirty years. Never thought I’d see the day, but I remember thinking the same thing about Story, when it was in operation. Now I have at least a notion of an idea of how my dad felt when all his life-long buddies had passed.

Wish I felt better.

Still behind in my letter writing.

Maybe I’ll catch up this weekend.