Mid-week musing...

Plugging along.

Rolled out of bed later than usual, but got on task fast and put in another good day of revisions. Left for the gym a little after one and got in a decent workout before heading over to the grocery store. Still feeling under the weather, but no complaints given what everyone else I know is going through.

Spoke to Mom this evening. Seems to be doing well. Can’t figure out how an eighty-eight year old can have so much energy at the end of the day, but man, I hope its passed on genetically.

Going through fits and starts with the Woodward book. Kind of hate wasting time reading about idiots I wouldn’t ordinarily give the time to, yet have to admit it’s an entertaining character study.

Speaking of stories, got my first (and what will no doubt not be the last) manuscript of the new season from N. Be good to ramp back up again. Re-reading Johnny Got His Gun and The Sisters Brothers in addition to the Trump book, but there’s nothing like a good piece of short fiction to cleanse the palate.

One more thing. Read yesterday that Ken Burns is coming out with a four hour documentary on Hemingway. If anyone can find something new about the man, maybe it’ll be him.

Ran into my daughter in the grocery store. Nice to catch up.

Need to write a couple of overdue letters tomorrow.