What is and what should never be...

Sunday already. How’d that happen?

Fell out of bed earlier than usual, made a pot of coffee, and went straight for the keyboard. Revisions. Revisions upon revision. Funny getting to a page where none are needed and looking at what’s there and thinking, there’s hope. You can do it. Just keep pounding.

Hit the gym mid-afternoon and enjoyed a long, paced workout. Afterward, went grocery shopping.

Read a nice story in Narrative today, and remembered an older piece by Robert Stone that appeared many years ago in the Best American Short Stories. A joint called “Under the Pitons.” Bookmarked it to read tomorrow. It’s a piece that’s haunted me for years.

Gonna watch a game tonight. Or part of one, anyway. Hope to get up even earlier tomorrow and make even more progress on the long piece.

Supposed to be nice Monday, then cold again the rest of the week. February’s not far off. March. April….