Cold snap...

Early rise, figuring to get in an hour or two at the keyboard before the baby came. Met with two or three inches of fresh snow on the way out the door to the cottage. That and a stiff, cold breeze.

Put in some good work, then went out to shovel and de-ice the walks.

School put classes on hold due to the weather, so instead of one boy we got two. Killed a couple of hours romping around the house before dad came to pitch relief, and after that had a long meeting in Old Colorado City over some new business.

Nice to see a bit of commercial work roll in.

Day never did get a whole lot warmer, but happy for the moisture as we haven’t had much this winter. Don’t know what sort of accumulation might have come to the mountains but, who knows, might be some snowshoeing this weekend if the temps hold.

Quiet around the hood. Too quiet, sometimes. Hope everyone’s doing okay.