Got another good jump on the day. Out the door, in the cottage, and at the keyboard before 6:30. Hit the long piece hard and managed some pretty good work. The stuff that was driving me crazy back in December is suddenly making sense, which in turn is making the edits feel less desperate. Still a long way to go before the end, but a lot of what lies ahead is already in good shape. The next start-to-finish read-through should prove interesting.

Took a break a little after noon and went to the gym. Good workout. Their heavy bag finally gave up the ghost, so had to forego the gloves, but I’m told a new one is on order and should arrive by Friday, pending a signature from The Money.

Wrote more when I got home, made a couple of calls and dug in to a little research. Feels good to have things in motion.

Young M tomorrow.

Gotta get a head start.

For now, that’s all.