Kissing the day goodbye...

Went out to the cottage to work early this morning, and had hardly hit the keyboard before the snow began. Must have gotten two or three inches in the course of an hour. Wild!

Caught up with our wonderful neighbor, R, while shoveling. A nice surprise, as we don’t run into one another very often during the winter. Made my day.

Gym was overrun with folks, presumably because of the snow. Still no heavy bag, so had to forgo that part of the workout. The rest went as it usually does, but with few alterations. Looking forward to spring when all the resolutionaries go back to whatever they do when they’re living their REAL lives.

Read a nice story, “Obsession” by Josip Novakovich in Narrative. Been following the guy for a number of years. Was good to see something new. Need to find more of his work.

Also read a curious interview with Sam Lipsyte in the Columbia Journal of Literature and Art. A reference to a piece called “The Death of the Author.” Need to check that out, too—but for entirely different reasons.

Still plugging along on the long work. Feel like I’m getting closer all the time, but now the last forty or fifty seem inadequate to the purpose. Need to rest up and come at them fresh. See what’s needed, and get to it. No deadlines, but I’d like to have a reader’s draft before long.

M tomorrow. Hope the weather improves.

Au revoir!