Plenty on my plate, but where's the dessert?

This one got away pretty handily. Didn’t do much of anything but chase the young one around. Had a brief excursion with the sled, but the temps were pretty low and he refused a hat and gloves so we kept it to spin around the neighborhood.

Experimented with some of the later pages in the long piece, and think I may have hit on something. Have a bit of restructuring to do to see if it’ll work, but might as well chance it. Can always go back to the old version if it doesn’t work out, right?

Found a draft of a story I was working on last fall. Some good stuff in it. Read it over and thought, good, something to keep me busy between edits. Gonna try and sort out its failings in my head before I leap in on the keyboard, but I think there’s enough decent material there to maybe make a good story.

Finalizing my plans for Albuquerque in March. Looking forward to the drive; always reminds me of my dad. Be nice to catch up with D and the rest of the crew.

Too early to be tired of winter, but I’m tired of winter. Don’t think it’d be that way if I could manage to get out more, but right now that’s not in the cards. Too many commitments. Gotta start taking a harder look at the way I spend my weekends. Start looking for ways to get away.