Back away from the table and no one gets hurt...

Woke up free man with the return of the parent(s) last night. Slept long and hard and hit the keyboard early. Felt good, getting back in the flow of work. Made some decent progress. Just in time, too. Think I might be coming down with something nasty. Run down. Coughing. The usual.

Broke away for a trip to the gym none-the-less. May be my last this week if I start feeing any worse. Whatever. As long as I can keep pushing forward with the long piece.

Got a bit of a cloud hanging over my head, but with all the craziness going on, it’s to be expected. Kind of wish it was spring so I could do a little fishing and sort things out. Get away for a while. Lie in the grass and close my eyes and forget about everything.

Gonna hit the sack early tonight.

Been reading B. Woodward’s Fear, and asking myself why. I've spent the past two years living it, and hardly anything in the book has come as a surprise.

Maybe this is a good time to call it.