Looking out, looking in...

Still in the process of ramping up. The week with the boys turned things sideways, but I think we’re getting back on track. Slowly but surely.

Up early to the keyboard. Been making some good headway with revisions. Not sure how long this latest cleanup will take, but it won’t really matter if the work is up to snuff. Time off clarified the perspective. Glad I had it. Think I’ll take the same approach when this draft is over. Can’t hurt to let it sit a while, and draft a couple of pieces of short fiction in the interim.

Neighborhood’s been oddly quiet. Guess everyone’s fallen into hibernation. Everyone, that is, but the kind soul who took away the Christmas tree I was planning to haul it out to Rocky Top. (Thank you, Jake?)

Caught up with my buddy S late this afternoon. Good to hear his voice. Spend what was left of the day picking young J up from school and sorting through a menagerie of Hot Wheels.

Tried to get Mom on the horn, but no luck. Maybe she’s out do dinner with one of the kids.

K off to Mexico.