Breathing out...

Got a pretty good jump on the day, but didn’t get as far as I’d hoped. Gonna have to give it another shot tomorrow. Happy with a lot of the revisions I’ve made, but still have work ahead. Was dealing with some simple edits and feeling cocky about it before I ran into a mine field of ugly. Serves me right for thinking this new pass was going to be easy.

Hit the gym a little later than usual, but got in a nice workout anyway. The new heavy bag came in, so got to catch up on my boxing. Yeah. Back to the old routine. Felt good.

Read a nice essay by Rick Bass. He talked about the losses you have to suffer to live the life of a writer. Wasn’t a dark piece by any means, but it did do a chilling job of calculating the returns on one’s investment of time.

More later.

A pot of beef stew needs tending.