Just enjoying the day...

Long day at the keyboard. It’s come time to force things a bit, demand more in terms of the narrative’s shape, and that makes for slow going in places. Still, the work is progressing overall an getting tighter and stronger with every pass.

Got an early morning text from D. He’d been out fishing the Guadalupe River and caught himself a lunker rainbow. 22 inches. Man, I’d have liked to be out there with him!

Wandered off to the big train show at the C.S. Event Center, only to find it wasn’t that big, and a long way from eventful. Left after maybe half an hour and came home again for a little more time at the keyboard.

No gym today.

Superbowl tomorrow.

Probably be the first time in forty years I don’t watch at least part of it. I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I’m getting smarter, or maybe I’m getting more discriminating, but three hours of fatuous yakking by ex-jocks is more than I can stand anymore.