Went to our first ‘house concert’ last night. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but ended up having an enjoyable evening in a lovely home up in Ridgeview listening to our friend, John, play keyboards for two talented singer songwriters. Pretty good crowd. Something like forty people. Everyone seemed to have great time.

Woke up late, around 7:15, and had a slow start at the keyboard. Combed through the new short story for a while, then did a little research and moved on to the long piece. Haven’t been feeling great, what with the cold and allergies, and spent the better part of the morning fighting off a major sinus headache. It slowed me down a little, but I got some good work in, in spite of it.

Coming to the end of Garden of Eden. Not my favorite novel of H’s, but better than I remembered it to be when I read it years back. Have learned from it this time around, whereas I can’t say that was the case the first time through.

Read in the morning paper the old Starbuck’s is closing. Went down there this afternoon for a farewell latte. The barista said a new coffee shop would be coming up from Pueblo to take over the space. Can’t imagine that working out, but what do I know.

D’s birthday tomorrow. 44. Man, that’s hard to believe.