Where the wild things were...

Young J with us all day today, in advance of his trip to New York.

Up early, did a little revising, then drove off to the zoo where we spent the entire day. Everything was perfect, including the hotdog for lunch.

Tired from a full day of lugging a wagon up and down the mountain, but in a good way, and if it makes for a sound sleep tonight so much the better.

Taught the boy “scissors, paper, rock” today. He caught on quick, like he does with everything. Can’t wait to take him fishing again when the water clears. Have the feeling he’ll be a natural, he has such an easy way of picking things up.

M tomorrow. Bright and early. Good to know the weather’s going to be nice again. Maybe I can tire him out at the park and get a few projects out the door while he’s napping.

That’s it. Beat. Calling it quits until tomorrow.