Hey, whadda ya know!

Bit of a comeback today. Must have been the good night’s sleep I had. Up early to a number of chores, and managed to escape each of them unscathed.

Good morning writing. Good day at the gym. Weather made a comeback, too, so it added up to a pretty nice Friday. All it would’ve taken to make it perfect was a Starbuck’s, though sadly that wasn’t in the stars.

Think maybe I found my next novel…or two. Picked up Peter Heller’s The River, read the first chapter and liked what I saw. Also came across an article in the New Yorker on Nelson Algren, which got me interested in The Man with the Golden Arm. Might drive out to Barnes & Noble over the weekend and see if I can’t scare a copy up.

Got a funny rejection today (story title and publication will remain unnamed). It was prefaced with a note from the managing editor, telling me that a number of readers and editors had looked at the work with careful and exacting eyes. Then it proceeded to say my “poem” wasn’t right for them. Yeah. They were careful, all right.

Looking to get away for a while tomorrow. Maybe check out a movie. Like to see “The Mustang” if we can get tickets.