Turning the corner...

So. Gotta up my game, here. Looking back on the last hundred entries, you’d think they were written by a man in prison cell. Can my life really be this narrow?

Was up and at it early, and got in some good revisions before the baby came. He wasn’t feeling well, so the day was full of ups and downs. Plus a moment or two of solid, grade A comedy, e.g., “Get back! Here it comes!”

Weather went seriously cool compared to the beginning of the week, but it’s supposed to get nice again come the weekend. Just in time not to matter. Need to fertilize and get the mower in the shop for a blade sharpening, change of oil, before I start stressing about the yard. Meanwhile, the movie theaters are calling.

Been doing some math on the number of good fishing days ahead. It always seems like there are more of them than there actually are, which leads me to think I need to take a more proactive/aggressive approach to my summer angling. It’s all academic at the moment—I don’t even have my 2019 license yet, and here it is March—but better to start planning now, rather than make it up as I go along. Part of the plan is to spend more time on the Arkansas. Fewer people, bigger fish, no day permit necessary.

Friday tomorrow. Client time.

Gonna get to bed early, see if I can’t get some good rest, and come at it hard before the rest of the world wakes up.