Another lost weekend...

Up late after a tough night’s sleep. But managed some good work at the keyboard, nonetheless.

J’s fifth birthday today (well, not exactly today) with a big celebration down in Monument Valley Park. Star Wars themed. S. baked cupcakes in the shape of storm troopers, and cobbled together a Darth Vader display for them. Pretty cool stuff. Caught up with some folks we hadn’t seen for a while, but split before the affair officially ended. The kids seemed to be having a pretty good time.

Came home and finished the last two N critiques, then headed over to the gym. Pretty day today. Glad I got to spend some of it outside.

Not sure what’s coming down the pike tomorrow, but have this strange feeling it isn’t going to include a whole lot of commercial work. Just a guess.

Month’s shaping up into a busy one. Mom visits, C’s wedding, other birthdays, etc.